Bostonian Corey Hales has an unexpected voice considering his style and stature. Hailing from just outside of Boston in Milton MA, Corey has been working on his vocal performance since he was 18 months old, and at a young age he has already established himself as a promising up and coming artist in the Boston area. Corey’s vocal coach Mark Baxter has coached some of the greatest voices in American music including the great Steven Tyler, and continues to help Corey strengthen his truly special voice. Corey has had wild success in his short time pursuing gigs, securing four residencies: one of witch is at a popular club in Harlem New York.
In recent years, he has attended programs at the Berklee College Of Music and as a standout participant, program organizers have selected him summer after summer for the elite “Blowout” group for his genre landing him a spot in three sold out shows at the 1,215 capacity Berklee Performance Center. While at Berklee, Corey was coached by the likes of Beyonce backup singer Crissy Collins, and worked with local artists who have gone on to play on the X Factor and alongside famous artists.
Corey plays locally at small venues such as coffee shops, and bars, while also performing at venues as storied as Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe. His voice has been heard on stage with Grammy award winning bass player Victor Wooten, with his choir in the gothic church of Kylemore Abbey of Ireland and by hundreds of dancing children in South African Townships. Corey’s vast performance resumé and diverse genre experience speak volumes to the passion he has for his craft.
An active songwriter since his freshman year of high school, his wide range of influences and innate creativity yield a truly new sound. It is difficult to label Corey’s voice, but those who have seen him live describe him as an unprecedented mix of Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, and John Mayer. With a well developed ear, his songs bring an encapsulating energy and his personal flares allow his songs to be both catchy, and unique.
“He is incredible!” – Lori Candela
“This kid is soooo good!!” – Rio Bagtaz
“This young guy has real talent !! I done heard him” – Mike Tannian
(quotes from fans on Facebook)
“Every note Corey sings is flavored with heart and soul. Like grandma’s good cooking – the sound of his voice is nourishment for your ears.” – Mark Baxter (Steven Tyler’s Vocal Coach)

This young guy has real talent !! I done heard him

(quotes from fans on facebook)